The House

The other Eden

After almost 25 years running the "Eden" florist in Luxembourg City, Jean-Paul Schmit and Roland Hein have embarked upon a new adventure: they have transformed an old mill in the Elz Valley, which dates back to the year 1450, into a perfect refuge in which to relax and recuperate.

During the four-year renovation period, they created a selection of spaces, consisting of one suite and three spacious rooms, as well as a bar, lounge, dining room, sauna, and a rest space with a large fireplace.

The property is surrounded by nature in its purest form.
A sun terrace on the Elz River and various seating areas invite you to relax and linger.
The river, the full name of which is the Elzbach, flows in a large loop around the entire property, before continuing on between the forest and the cliff face, past Elz Castle (6 km away), shortly before flowing into the Moselle.

Bed and Breakfast Löffelmühle an der Elz: Video - Bett

Zimmer & Suite

The Löffelmühle offers a large suite and three double rooms.

All four rooms feature different designs, and can each be booked for a maximum of two guests.

Our house is a non-smoking area for adults and young adults from 13 years on only.

Dogs are not allowed.


Bed and Breakfast Löffelmühle an der Elz: Aria - Aussicht
Bed and Breakfast Löffelmühle an der Elz: Jean-Paul's Cuisine - Esszimmer

Dining room & lounge-library

In our lounge-library, you can enjoy some truly beautiful moments. Linger for a while – whether for an aperitif, a coffee, or an exquisite digestif after your evening meal!
You are also more than welcome to take your afternoon tea from the Althaus teashop here, accompanied by some tempting treats.

Two steps take you from the lounge-library to our dining room, where old wooden beams from Spain form a long table. The striking chandeliers, with their delicate leaf ornamentation, originate from Estonia. A modern interpretation of Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch”, created by Jonas Leriche, and the contemporary chairs invite you to take a seat and enjoy the menu put on by the hotel, which changes from evening to evening, accompanied by some carefully selected wines.


Leave the past, and your everyday life, behind you.

With particularly loving attention to detail, You can book our Sauna for 1,5 hours of rest and relaxation.

Perhaps after a lengthy hike on the lovely local trails, why not make use of our sauna and the adjacent rest space, featuring a large fireplace.

To refresh body and mind, we also offer flavoured Swiss stone pine water.

Bed and Breakfast Löffelmühle an der Elz: Entspannung in der Sauna
Bed and Breakfast Löffelmühle an der Elz: Unsere Tiere

Our animals

Alongside the diverse range of wildlife that lives in the forests and meadows around our property, we also have our own resident animals, to whom we would like to introduce you:

Our three cats Fritzi, Susi and their mum enhance the homely feeling within our walls, with their friendly and chilled out temperaments.

The Chickeria - our rooster Chicco and his hens Carla, Otti and Susex – guarantees fresh organic eggs for breakfast (unless they are ever simply too busy to lay, although this only happens in exceptional cases).

Our three donkeys, Lucie, Alma, and Nils take care of the pastures around the mill. They keep the grass short and, in return, get to enjoy a daily pampering programme, with fresh hay and grooming.

On the neighbouring mill, we also look after a flock of eleven Ouessant sheep. These come from Brittany, and as such all have French names: ram Louis and his team, consisting of Babette, Chantal, Hélène, Mini, Diane, Joseph, Emile, Paul, Hubert and Caramel.

As you can see, the Löffelmühle is also a paradise for animals.

Löffelmühle – A green guesthouse

Conserving resources and looking after the planet: we want to convert sustainable thinking into action. For this reason, we endeavour to use as many organic products as possible.

Our care products come from Saint Charles, an old Viennese pharmacy with a 150-year tradition. They contain no parabens or microplastics, and are available for use in large dispensers.

We also have our own source, which has been supplying the Löffelmühle with fresh water for centuries, and feeds the wells in the inner courtyard. The water rising from the source regularly state certification and is shown to be of very good quality.
The excess water is fed back into the natural circuit and directed back into the Elz.

Bed and Breakfast Löffelmühle an der Elz: Unsere Kosmetik im Bad
Bed and Breakfast Löffelmühle an der Elz: Unser Garten

The garden

Host Roland Hein indulges another of his passions in the local valley - gardening.

In his beds, the most diverse varieties of vegetable thrive, which are freshly prepared in our kitchen, cooked and used to create the most varied of dishes.

Being organically fertilised, without the use of chemical agents, the harvest is not always all that we were dreaming of – but this makes it all the more tasty and precious.

Ultimately, we treat our fruit and vegetables with respect and care, and hope to bring you a little pleasure when you come to enjoy them in our dining room.

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