Rooms & Suite

Sleep like a king

Experience stylish living and informal charm in the three Löffelmühle double rooms and suite. Our unique location in the Elz valley is like heaven on earth. Each room offers wonderful views of forests, the river and rock clefts.
Observe the changes taking place throughout the course of the day and seasons. Fall asleep to the sound of rushing waters next to an open window.
Listen to the birds singing, and enjoy the comforts offered in every room.
We warmly welcome you!

Fauna our spacious suite, complete with separate bathroom, living and sleep areas. The panoramic window looks on to the Elz river, cliffs and forests. The Fauna suite is furnished in shades of green, and the fireplace is made for cosy evenings.

Bed and Breakfast Löffelmühle an der Elz: Fauna - Fenster
Bed and Breakfast Löffelmühle an der Elz: Aria - Aussicht


Situated at the top of the building, Aria is decorated in blue hues, and a copper engraving of cloud formations by Cole & Son. Guests can bathe in the freestanding bath tub enjoying a wonderful view of the forest.


This room is furnished in powder-coloured shades and grey. Antique looking carpets decorated in dragonfly patterns connect both rooms – one side has a view of the inner courtyard with a burbling fountain, the other looks on to a huge oak tree whose branches spread over the mill as if protecting it.

Bed and Breakfast Löffelmühle an der Elz: Unser Zimmer Flora
Bed and Breakfast Löffelmühle an der Elz: Terra - Schlafbereich


... is the very comfortable mill room equipped with a spacious shower – an elegant combination of rustic and modern living. The Terra layout is primarily in earthy shades, paired with delicate green. The room is a mere 1.7 m high, making it suitable for guests of a smaller stature.

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